Buckeyes v. Falcons?
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Over Halloween weekend, BGSU played Kent State in what most would say is a good match up.  Going into this game, Kent State and BGSU were both in the cellar in the MAC East and needed this win to come out of it and hope for some chance to redeem their stance in the MAC.

This game was the day after Halloween so the attendance was somewhat low considering the last home game against Miami brought in 15,411 Falcon fans.  The home game against Kent State brought in 10,411 fans, an even 5,000 less people than two weeks before.  (Both attendance numbers are from ESPN.com)

Regretfully, I was not able to make it to the Kent State game because I had family in town and at the time, it was not feasible to take everyone.  I had some friends who took their parents and friends to the game and they had a good time.  Too bad I had to miss it since it was a good game.

Meanwhile, Ohio State had a bye week the weekend of the Kent State game, so there really was not much Buckeye commotion around Bowling Green.  It was quiet, but last weekend Ohio State played Northwestern and blew them out of the water and BGSU played OU and blew OU out of the water.  It was a pretty triumphant day for Buckeye fans that go to BGSU.  Both teams played well and had an outstanding victory.

Not only did BGSU play an amazing game, but Erique Dozier was named MAC Defensive Player of the Week.  Dozier had seven tackles, one and a half sacks and an interception that helped lead the Falcons to the 28-3 win over Ohio. http://bgsufalcons.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/111008aad.html

The Falcons don’t play again until November 21 at home, which I will not be able to attend because I’ll be in Tunisia, so hopefully we win and I’ll be able to come back and be happy for my team and school!

… and this is a blog 4 weeks in the making…

Now.. I am going to speak about Ohio State being in the Fiesta Bowl with Texas, the firing of BG’s football coach, Gregg Brandon, and about the MAC championship game that BG very well could have won against the undefeated Ball State Cardinals.

OSU v. Texas in the Fiesta Bowl is going to be a great match up because Texas is ranked 3 in the nation and the Buckeyes are at 10th.  Many Buckeye fans are hoping a win against this powerhouse Big 12 team, but I won’t be rooting for either because I’m hoping to be too exhausted from the win Cincinnati will hopefully have over Virginia Tech in the FedEx Orange Bowl a few days before.

Here’s the schedule of all the BCS games: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/schedules?week=17&season=2&year=2008&groupId=80

Next, news broke over my trip to Tunisia about BG firing their head football coach Gregg Brandon.  This year, the Falcons were slated to be a break-out team and could win the MAC championship, but we fell short of it.  In the offseason, there were many problems under Gregg’s coaching for the football team.  Some of the student athletes failed to reach the grade requirements needed to stay on the team and others were involved in arrests.  Hopefully, as Cleveland Browns fans say, next year will be our year.

The MAC championship game was bittersweet.  Actually, it wasn’t sweet at all, it was all bitter.  The last game of BG’s inconsistent season, we played Buffalo and we could have won, since we were winning and Buffalo came back and took us to double overtime.  Buffalo’s win resulted in them winning the MAC East title and going to the MAC championship game against the Ball State Cardinals.  I, along with most of my friends, wanted Ball State to beat the Buffalo Bulls, simply because it should have been us playing in that game.  Well, the Bulls ended up beating the Cardinals, and that made Falcon fans even more bitter.. we almost beat Buffalo and we could have beat no. 12 ranked Ball State!  

Next year.. is our year.



The weekend before last was the Miami versus BG game.  It was at noon on a Saturday, so not many people were up, but there seemed to be a decent enough crowd in the stands.

Although it was a little chilly with the wind, many of the fans from both teams stayed for the whole game (especially since it was such a close game).  

Only a few Buckeye fans were to be seen at the game.  I’ll assume they were all gearing up for the big game against Michigan State at 3:30 that afternoon, which they won.  (I happen to like MSU, so I was bummed that both BG and MSU lost that Saturday).

This past weekend, BG played Norther Illinois University and we lost.  And Ohio State lost.  It would almost be a safe bet to say that most of Bowling Green traveled to Columbus for the Penn State game.  I was invited to go, but I had too much homework to be gone for a whole day.  I watched the game, and it was a pretty boring game until the last quarter.  

Apparently, all was quiet and went well in Columbus after the game.  
  This story is about OSU fans and their reputation for being loud and crazy after games (think of the riots in 2002) and how after the Penn State loss, it was pretty quit in Columbus. http://media.www.thelantern.com/media/storage/paper333/news/2008/10/27/Metro/Fans-Weather.Loss.Without.Rioting-3506994.shtml


Saturday was BGSU’s homecoming.  I was tailgating most of the day and then went to the game.  I was surprised by the amount of support people had for BGSU this game over the Minnesota game at the beginning of the year.  Tailgating at the Minnesota game were a lot of Buckeye jerseys and fans, but at the homecoming game, I saw more Eastern Michigan fans than anything (and there weren’t too many of them).  I think that’s 10 times better though, because EMU and BGSU are both in the MAC conference and that’s showing some support for the little brother of the Big 10. 

During the tailgate festivities, I did hear a couple “O-H…” chants, but they weren’t finished every time.  My group of friends and I were pretty happy about that.  Even at the jam-packed bars later that night, the one or two OSU cheers were overturned by adoring alums of BGSU. 

It’s 100% fine that people love OSU as much as they do, but I just don’t understand why they show more support for a school they don’t go overa school that they attend every day.  Here, Bowling Green State University, is where we will graduate from, not OSU.  You don’t exactly see OSU fans sporting BGSU gear at the game or tailgating with t-shirts that say “Ay Ziggy Zoomba” on them.


Ok.. I don’t like the Ohio State Buckeyes.  I am going to throw that out there right away to avoid any confusion about what this blog may hold.  I may piss you off with this blog.  At this point, I’m not even going to say what college teams I like, except that I am a BGSU Falcons fan and a Cincinnati Bearcats fan (my first school before I transferred here a year ago).

On Falcon game days it’s hard to distinguish between who goes to school here and who goes to school at Ohio State.  Well, let me re-phrase that.  It’s hard to distinguish between those that are proud of their school and root their own school on and those that wish they went to Ohio State and were Buckeyes instead of being Falcons.  (Personally, in real-life, a falcon is waaaay cooler than a buckeye.)  

The first game of the year I went with some friends to Jed’s because I’d never been and everyone wanted me to scope it out since I am still sort of a newbie at the BGSU college kid scene.  When I walked into Jed’s I was disappointed because, of course, the OSU game was on the big screens.  This was the game day when OSU played Youngstown State, which was a pretty boring game since everyone had a good guess as to who would come out on top.  The BG game on the other hard.. We were playing no. 25 ranked PITT, and guess, what.. we won, and it was a good game to watch and I wish the majority of the school watched it while it was on.  I may be mistaken, but the impression I got was that mostly everyone watched the OSU game.  Oh well, I hope everyone goes to Homecoming this weekend.

The reasoning behind this OSU fan base upsetting me stems from the fact that I grew up in “Buckeye Country” in Dayton, which is give or take an hour from Columbus, depending on construction and traffic. When I transferred to BG from UC, it was really hard to not want to support my Bearcats 110% like I did for the long stint I went to school there, but I became a BG fan.  I live in Bowling Green and I go to BGSU, so for me, it makes sense for who I root for on Saturday.